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The Alexander Technique can bring about:

1. Better health and well-being
The Technique can help with a wide range of problems due to over-tension or poor posture. It can also help to increase your vitality and alertness.

2. Improved performance

The Technique can release you from over-stimulated mental tension and can restore a good co-ordination and unity of the brain and the body. Performers can develop clarity of perception and flexibility of movement. Today many performing artists and sport players employ the Technique to their practice. The Technique is adopted in most leading music, drama, and dance schools and colleges including the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Julliard School.

3. On-going self-development
The Technique develops a deeper and broader awareness. Through the lessons you will learn to inhibit impatient reaction to any stimulus. Instead of unconscious reaction, you will learn to stop and to give yourself new mental directions for the use of your body. We call this pause before the action ‘Inhibition’.
The idea of ‘Inhibition’ implies that it is more important how we perform a certain act (the means-whereby) than what the result of this act will be (the end). It is a new approach to how we deal with stimulus in movement and you can use the idea of ‘Inhibition’ to all the stimuli of life in general. It can be a guide to continuous self-discovery.

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